Dark circles home remedies for the temporary effect

Tea Bags

You can use any kind of tea bags, whether Green or Black. There is not much difference in the result. A lot of caffeine-containing teas, will help compress blood vessels and reduce swelling.


This method works well against puffiness or dark under-eye circles. Herbal teas, on the other hand, contain Anti-irritants that can reduce redness and inflammation. Take two bags of tea. Put it in hot water for about 3-4 minutes and let them cool slightly, so they are still warm. Look for a cozy place to relax and lie down, such as a bed or a sofa and place the tea bags on the eyes.


Cover the tea bag with a soft cloth. On hot days, you can also use cooled tea bags to have at the same time a refreshing experience.


The aforementioned home remedies works with cucumber is also very good. The properties of this vegetable, when applied to the skin, helps to constrict blood vessels and thus reduces the appearance of eye bags of any kind.


You remember that this is only a temporary solution and you need to find out the cause of your eye rings, to get rid of them permanently.