It is often thought that the dark, or purple discoloration under the eyes and in the eyes of the cave to be a problem of sensitive skin. However, creams, when applied correctly, will help remove dark circles under eyes. The cause of the shadows are rather glands, the veins and lymphatic vessels under the thin skin of the eye, which are visible when they are not functioning optimally.


Depending on the type of skin and vascular density rings around the eyes will always appear to be different, however, they may be optically treated with care materials and tempered.

Caffeine: creams and masking fluid with caffeine will make the blood flow to the cranks, so that the thin vessels under the eyes has a higher flow speed of the blood, and make the under eyes area less blue. A similar effect will have when using two cool slices of cucumber on the eyes: you moisturize and let the swelling subside.

Ice: In case of eye are not only dark, but also welded rings, ice can help, the water retention ablate. Often the eyes and eyelids are swollen in the Morning, because at night our metabolism slows down. Also helpful: a slight tapping massage, when you run with the ring finger in the direction of the root of the nose tapping movements. Caution: with the index or middle finger, you often have too much pressure without realizing it.