About Us

Welcome to Raquel Beauty Salon!

Our cosmetic & Wellness Studio in Delaware is located just a few minutes walk from Delaware main station. The Central location offers a good opportunity after the treatment of Delaware to explore.

At the beginning of an extensive consultation, you are welcome to test our knowledge. The cosmetic studio is divided into two cosy large-scale spaces. So partner treatments can be carried out.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon in our beauty & Wellness Studio in Delaware, welcome!

In our beauty salon, you can take a vacation from your everyday life and variety of beauty and wellness offers to enjoy. We provide the soothing ambience, in which you can unwind. Our cosmeticians will gladly advise you and are technically always up-to-date. Our products, for example, of Cosmaderm or P. Jentschura and CNC are made from high quality extracts and nutrients and produced in USA, Germany, France and Switzerland. They contain neither parabens nor fragrance. If you have problematic type of skin, or a tendency to allergies, you are in good hands with us. We take care not only of your skin’s flawless look, but also a healthy skin with the appropriate products for external and internal application. In addition to the quality for the best possible cosmetic treatment, we pay attention in the choice of products on the providers to waive animal testing and the packaging which is environmentally friendly.