if you Have impure skin, or even acne? Then you have come to the right place. In my youth I had acne and the Suffering of my skin took about 30 to no end.

There is a lot of information on the topic on the Internet. But I’ve had enough of websites with wrong or insufficient information, or pages that just push a particular product as an alleged panacea.

I have decided to create a personal Overview of how to get rid of blemished skin. The following instructions are based on my own experiences.

step 1: Find a physician

If you have only slightly blemished skin, you can omit this step.

For me, this is the first step, because it is important to get severe acne, a diagnosis from a specialist.

But this does not mean that you should give up on natural means – on the contrary!

Natural methods to combat skin impurities are, in my opinion, essential. They support the skin in its healing. They also help to prevent the acne comes back after it settles, for example, certain medications prescribed by a doctor.

Conventional drugs, such as antibiotics, Roaccutane and gels (e.g., BPO) to treat the skin only on the surface. If you have acne that works, most likely something in the body is not right. Natural methods can grab the blemished skin directly to the root.

A conventional treatment and the nature of work very well Hand-in-Hand.

step 2: hands off!

Surely you have read that already a thousand times, and heard. But you can’t say it often enough: keep your hands away from the face. It is scientifically proven that if you press on pimples and blackheads around, gives you ten more. How come? Because it is distributed through the press, the bacteria under the skin.

This is one of the reasons why people who suffer from chronic acne, so many of the problems have to get rid of your skin blemishes without having to take drugs.

They allow the skin to do their job. You leave them alone. The redness around a pimple is the result of a very specific reason. The body has sent blood to the body to support the skin in its self-healing. It may look nasty, it is, nevertheless, a positive effect. The skin is trying to get rid of bacteria. And that is exactly what we want!

step 3: Be gentle to the skin

In 99% of cases acne is not caused by the fact that something works in the body properly. Not, for example, by dirt or improper care. The first thing we often do when a pimple arises, you will resort to harsh chemical cleaning. You know what? That generally makes things worse. The skin is left alone, it makes mostly a good job. The best thing we can do to support the skin, is that we use very mild skin care products, which can help the skin in healing.