1. Deep care

A mask tailored to the skin type- supplies the skin with abundant nutrients. Nice side-effect: The effect is immediately visible, which is why you should apply thicker layer of cream before a bath. The active ingredients can move, when the pores are open. So, when you are in bath and apply mask, hang up the phone!

2. Sun protection

There is no doubt: the sun’s rays, speed up skin aging and can cause in the worst case, skin cancer. Protecting your skin from UV rays, however, is not only safe but also makes skin wrinkle-free and slows the aging. Use creams with UV protection daily and make up that contains UV protection

3. Please massage!

To get

beautiful skin, you should massage the face often. Before covering the whole face with a rich cream, massage for about three minutes in small circles with fingers. Subsequently, remove the excess cream with a paper towel. Now the skin is oxygenated, looks plumper and Make-up stays looking good for longer.

4. Low fat!

Too much fat in the cream creates a good breeding ground for impurities, especially if it have blackheads favorable (comedogenic) ingredients such as peanut, sesame or olive oil, they are more likely to cause pimples. Also, wool wax (Lanolin), as well as active ingredients that make it smooth and creamy (e.g. Cethylalkohol), or even some of the emulsifiers that combine fat and water (e.g., PEG – polyethylene glycol), can dull the skin’s appearance.