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Welcome To Raquel Beauty Salon

Our cosmetic & Wellness Studio in Delaware is located just a few minutes walk from Delaware main station. The Central location offers a good opportunity after the treatment of Delaware to explore.

At the beginning of an extensive consultation, you are welcome to test our knowledge. The cosmetic studio is divided into two cosy large-scale spaces. So partner treatments can be carried out.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon in our beauty & Wellness Studio in Delaware, welcome!

You are looking for relaxation, luxury and the liberation of your senses? Visit our Raquel Beauty Salon – our beauticians take care of your skin and make you look beautiful! Enjoy our massage in the middle of Delaware and forget about your everyday life. We will give you moments of relaxation and make your energy flow restores with our massages. You have a choice – treat yourself with a massage, treatments for the face, feet and hands.

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Bags under eyes, what is it exactly?

Shadows, and edges In the more delicate vessel walls and liquid is distributed to the capillaries – the finest ramifications of the veins – around accumulates on the lower eyelid often. On the surface of the skin bluish eyes shimmer dark circles. This is... read more

Temporary Solution for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles home remedies for the temporary effect Tea Bags You can use any kind of tea bags, whether Green or Black. There is not much difference in the result. A lot of caffeine-containing teas, will help compress blood vessels and reduce swelling.   This... read more

How to Make Dark Circles Look Less Visible?

It is often thought that the dark, or purple discoloration under the eyes and in the eyes of the cave to be a problem of sensitive skin. However, creams, when applied correctly, will help remove dark circles under eyes. The cause of the shadows are rather glands, the... read more

Tricks for Younger Looking Skin

You should apply a high quality, all-natural, anti-wrinkle cream on the skin every day. These creams act as a protective layer on the skin, while moisturizing and plumping up wrinkled skin and smoothing it out. When buying natural Anti-wrinkle creams, look for... read more

Ways to Remove Wrinkles Naturally

Here are some ways to remove wrinkles naturally: 1.)¬†Grape seed Oil Grape Seed Oil is great for the skin due to it’s nutritive properties. Also, it is grape seed has proven great moisturizer for skin around the eyes and in making scars lighter and less visible.... read more

Home Remedies for Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

Do you know how to use products you can find in the house to battle wrinkles? Wrinkles, as a sign of maturity, appear at a certain age, but we can try to slow down this process. The collagen in the skin will loosen with ageing. This is why the skin becomes wrinkled.... read more

3 Great Tips for the Greatest skin

glowy. You can hear the same tips and Tricks again and again, and yet the skin does not want to play. Also, I know this: I eat healthier than a lot of other people but my skin is going crazy too often. Even if these 3 tips and Tricks for clear skin ought to be clear... read more

4 Tips for Beautiful Skin

1. Deep care A mask tailored to the skin type- supplies the skin with abundant nutrients. Nice side-effect: The effect is immediately visible, which is why you should apply thicker layer of cream before a bath. The active ingredients can move, when the pores are open.... read more

7 Steps To Clear Skin

if you Have impure skin, or even acne? Then you have come to the right place. In my youth I had acne and the Suffering of my skin took about 30 to no end. There is a lot of information on the topic on the Internet. But I’ve had enough of websites with wrong or... read more

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